The 4 August 2020 Port of Beirut explosions resulted in devastating loss of life, injury and the destruction of vast tracts of urban fabric within the Municipality of Beirutand beyond. Based on initial assessment undertaken by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE), and according to UNESCO, within a 20km radius of the blast, around 80 per cent of schools experienced moderate damage and 20 per cent sustained heavy damage.

At the request of the Ministry, UNESCO was asked to coordinate school related assessments and lead rehabilitation efforts of damaged schools in Beirut and Mount Lebanon. UN-Habitat contributed to this undertaking, by leading with technical support from Frontline Engineers, a detailed physical damage assessment covering 113 private schools affected by the blast. In addition to quantifying the extent of damages to assessed schools, this included summarizing main findings according to a developed vulnerability index of assessed schools, completing a bill of quantities and cost estimates for each school assessed, and enabling a comprehensive overview of the needed rehabilitation of damages incurred. The report’s findings have informed the UN-Habitat led rehabilitation works of over 15 private schools in Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

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