A UN-Habitat partnership with the League of Cities of the Philippines resulted in the organisation of a National Public Space workshop in the New Urban Agenda conference in the Philippines which took place in 2015 and included a Minecraft participatory design competition with youth from the 16 cities of Metro-Manila. The conference resulted in a declaration expressing the clear and strong commitment of political leaders of cities in the Philippines to strengthen and champion action on partnerships for green, safe, inclusive and accessible public spaces. The representatives from cities also committed to the establishment of a network of cities in the Philippines working towards good quality public spaces by embracing the principles and values related to equity, inclusiveness, partnership, solidarity and sustainable development.

Project Duration: 2015 - ongoing
Value USD: 15,000
Donor: Mojang
Implementing Partners: League of Cities of the Philippines

City Wide Strategy, Planned City Extension, and Climate Change Planning for Tacloban city

UN-Habitat is providing support to the land-use planning of the new city plan (CLUPP) and also to city extension planning in a post-disaster setting (Typhoon Hayan) for Tacloban city. This will entail a plan that will make the community less vulnerable to future tyhpoons and also accomodate victims of the Typhoon. The aim of the project is to integrate the challenges of climate change with the planning of the city’s urban form based on the principles of sustainable urban development.

Implementing Partners: City government, community

Concept Plans and Public Space

City Concept Plans were prepared and approved for Silay, Iloilo and Cagayan de Oro under ASUD project. UN-Habitat is providing on-going technical and advisory supports for urban planning in the cities, and will prepare detailed plans in 2016 based on funding and needs. In addition, a Public Space sensitization workshop was conducted for Mayors and Councilors from Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia in March, 2015.