Philippines, 11 March 2020 -    “Safer, well-lit streets and wider sidewalks”

                              “More parks and open spaces where children could play”

                               “More spacious public toilets”

These were the most common sentiments among women who responded to the online campaign of UN-Habitat Philippines for International Women’s Day 2020, which invited them to fill in the blank: “If more women designed cities, there would be _________”.

Women of all ages and occupations from various Philippine cities participated in the conversation, including local government staff, professors, architects, urban and environmental planners, NGO workers, GIS specialists, and students. Their answers were posted on Facebook and Instagram in the lead-up to International Women’s Day on March 8, with the theme “Generation Equality”.

The aim of the campaign is to celebrate women urban practitioners and professionals who help create our cities while initiating the important conversation that could guide cities to be more inclusive and responsive to women’s unique needs and experiences.

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