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Total value of projects
US$ 375,000

Country: Overview

No. of projects (2014 - 2019)
Total: 2


United Nations Office for Project Services

Analysis of energy consumption & energy efficiency in informal settlements of developing countries

Objective of the project

To establish the level of energy access in informal settlements; make recommendations on appropriate energy services as well us come up with interventions to improve the quality of life in informal settlements within developing countries.

Service sectors covered by the project include; energy access, buildings, academia, policy and legislation, housing finance.

Duration: 3 October 2013 to 31 December 2016
Value: EUR 15,000
Donor: Fondozione Politecnico di Milano, and UN-Habitat
Implementing Partners: Fondozione Politecnico di Milano and UN-Habitat

Ocupa tu Calle (Take back your street), Lima

This project will expand and transform public spaces in Latin American cities, building upon initial experiences in Medellin and Buenos Aires. In the framework of COP20, Lima inaugurated the city’s first ‘parklet’ (or mini-park) in the Miraflores district. This space, built with recycled materials, invites citizens to spend time there, pausing for a moment to take a break from the often-frantic pace of city life. The intervention had such a positive impact that the parklet was turned into a permanent space. One year after that first experience, the Claim your Street strategy has been consolidated through pocket urban interventions that seek to promote civic engagement, encouraging citizens to take ownership of their streets.

Project duration: 2016 - Ongoing
Implementing Partners: Fundación Avina

Revitalising a public park in Villa el Salvador, Lima

This project involves revitalizing a public park in Villa el Salvador. The park is 7,200 m2 and contains facilities such as retaining walls, a sports slab, damaged children´s games and a small chapel. Some recreational, sport, cultural and social activities take place with the minimal facilities. A participatory design workshop highlighted a series of interventions necessary, including upgrading of sports facilities, sanitation facilities, community gardens and street lighting. The project involves the community in the design, construction and maintenance of the public space.

Project duration: 2015 - ongoing
Value USD: 70,000
Donor: Mojang
Implementing Partners: Fundación Avina