Partnering for Transformative SDG-Oriented Urban Development: Guidance for Multi-Partner Initiatives from the Global Future Cities Programme” provides guidance for international multi-partner programmes that seek to go beyond the “business as usual approach” to sustainable urban development. It is based on experiences from the Global Future Cities Programme (GFCP), a three-year £80 million multi-partner initiative funded by the United Kingdom. The Programme supports 31 transformative projects that strengthen the enabling environment for sustainable urban development in line with the SDGs in 19 cities in 10 emerging economy countries. The GFCP is a collaboration between the United Kingdom’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (UK FCDO), five private-sector delivery partners, UN-Habitat, and the UK Built Environment Advisory Group (UKBEAG). This report shares best practices, lessons learned, and recommendations for how transformative multi-partner programmes can be designed and implemented to accelerate local SDG implementation. This is especially relevant since international donors, UN agencies, and financiers increasingly require that SDGs are integrated into urban development projects.

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