How to raise awareness in your city

  1. Draw attention to World Habitat Day, and its theme, the challenges and issues around Public Spaces, especially with regard to women, the youth, children, older persons and persons with disabilities. Raise awareness through mass and social media: press articles, radio and television, newspapers, exhibitions, organize press conferences and broadcast video and audio spots, facebook, twitter, Instagram and YouTube engaging policy makers, government officials, academics, other professional and community representatives.
  2. Organize high-level meetings and discussions with national, regional and local governments on the theme towards realization of the proposed Sustainable Development Goal on Cities and Human Settlements (SDG Goal 11, Target 7) and Habitat III.
  3. Local authorities and governments may launch a new public space, or establish by-laws or policy to ensure safety in public spaces.
  4. Plan an event or activity in existing public spaces in your city. Promote and raise awareness for the need for access to public spaces to all.
  5. Organize fund raising, recreation or entertainment activities like sports activities or concerts and use the proceeds to upgrade a common space, a street, a park or a market.
  6. Sponsor projects that make public spaces safe and inclusive. These may include; installing security lighting and cameras, donating a sanitation facility, build seating areas, or planting trees and grass in a public space.
  7. Participate in the Urban October Design Competition.
  8. Organize a themed Urban Nights event.
  9. Promote #HabitatDay and HabitatIII on Social Media.
  10. Download and share the World Habitat Day campaign kit with your network.
  11. Register your planned activity below or submit your photo at

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