Last year during the Urban October month, more than 100 events were organized by partners in more than 45 countries and cities around the world.

This year, we encourage you to raise awareness and organize a WCD activity and publicize it on the UN-Habitat website through the "Register your event" form below. Guidelines for planning a WCD event can be found here.

Ideas for organizing a World Cities Day activity

  1. Draw attention to World Cities Day, and its theme Designed to live together. Raise awareness through mass and social media: press articles, radio and television, newspapers, organize press conferences and broadcast video and audio spots, facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube engaging policy makers, government officials, academics, other professional and community representatives.
  2. Organize high-level meetings and discussions with national, regional and local governments on the theme towards realization of the proposed Sustainable Development Goal on Cities and Human Settlements (SDG Goal 11, Target 7) and Habitat III.
  3. Plan an event or activity to promote cohesion, encourage partnerships, form a society to advocate for citizen participation, policy makers involvement, other stakeholders engagement in decision making with regard to addressing challenges and finding solutions to urbanization issues.
  4. Plan an exhibition to highlight achievements, successes, transformation of your city.
  5. Participate in the Urban October Design Competition.
  6. Promote #CitiesDay on Social Media
  7. Download and share the World Cities Day campaign kit with your network.
  8. Register your planned activity or event at

Design competition

The Urban October Design competition is aimed at highlighting and recognizing designs and designers that will best depict the state of our towns and cities today. The artworks should focus on the theme of World Habitat Day, Public Spaces for All and of World Cities Day, Designed to live together.


Entries may be submitted for the following categories:

  • Illustrations
  • Photography
  • Infographics


Photos, Illustrations and Infographics should be submitted in either of these formats: jpg, pdf or eps. The images must be high resolution and not exceeding 2MB. The artwork can be uploaded on the form below or posted on your personal social media channels using the Hashtag #urbanoctober.


UN-Habitat's website, UN-Habitat's Flickr page and in other social media. Selected designs may also be used in UN-Habitat e-cards and selected publications. All winners will be credited for their artwork featured in any of the above media or publications.

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