Name of Organization: Pakistan Youth Organization

City: Gujranwala

Project Title: Empowerment of Youth through establishment of

 Project details

The project aimed to alleviate poverty among youth. This is through improving the livelihoods of 30 young people aged 15 -32 years by:

  • Training in entrepreneurship and helping them and set up small business
  • Construction of Market and allotment of stall/shop
  • Set up Revolving Fund for credit program and issuance of Loan


Number of beneficiaries:

The project targeted on youth especially vulnerable youth (recovering addicts).  30 youths were reached and received training on entrepreneurship and what it entails in the region

Number of social enterprises seeded: 

Out of the 30 trained youth, 25 opened up their small business. They worked hand in hand with the local government as far as the regulations are concerned. 25 stalls were allocated to the organization by the local government for business setup.