About the Classroom

The online classroom video series is an initiative by UN-Habitat and its partners which grew out of the Academy of Sustainable Urban Mobility (AoSUM). The experience and the knowledge of renowned experts from the private and the public sector will be shared with those who are interested in sustainable urban mobility topics. The classroom series is free and consists of 7 videos, each lasts between 10-15 minutes.

Online Video Course: Taking Sustainable Urban Mobility to the Next Level

Getting access

After submitting the short registration form below, you will get access to all 7 videos. The knowledgeable speakers will present latest research, case studies and best practice examples on urban mobility to the audience. Besides the online lectures, you will also find additional readings and presented material, as well as further information about the speaker.


Classroom learnings

1. The need for sustainable urban mobility (UN-Habitat)

2. Integrated mobility systems on the next level (Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH)

3. Policy options and economic instruments for sustainable urban mobility (World Resources Institute)

4. Policy instruments for integrated urban mobility (World Resources Institute)

5. Financing options for sustainable urban mobility (KfW Development Bank)

6. Low carbon mobility solutions (MyClimate)

7. Data innovation and smart mobility (Deutsche Bahn)


Prove your knowledge

Those who want to prove their gained knowledge after attending each video can do that in a fun multiple-choice knowledge-quiz. Good luck with your learnings! 

Academy of Sustainable Urban Mobility (AoSUM) 

The online classroom provides you with the opportunity to express your interest to participate in an upcoming Academy of Sustainable Urban Mobility (AoSUM). After submitting your registration and entering the classroom, you will find an own section with detailed information about the AoSUM. If the Academy excites you - let us know - and we will share further details with you in due time.

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