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One Stop Youth Centre Model

The One Stop Youth Centre is a partnership between UN-Habitat and local governments, and utilizes an integrated approach to youth development by providing youth with safe spaces in urban settings where they can meet and access information and resources critical to youth-led development including peace building, research and policy development.

The Centres offer youth friendly services and contribute to their socio-economic development. The model recognizes that youth engagement and empowerment through training and capacity development is pertinent to addressing the challenges faced by young people such as employability. The centers provide skills training that contribute towards building a pool of skilled and employable young labour force.

Some of the main areas of focus include programmes in arts and sports, employment generation, entrepreneurship, health services, and ICT. The main objectives of the centres are:

  • To increase employment opportunities for youth through entrepreneurship and skills training linked to apprenticeships with local businesses and the housing industry;
  • To encourage young people’s active participation in issues of urban governance and urban policy development;
  • To provide safe spaces for youth to access recreational activities and services and information on issues such as sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS awareness;
  • To support cities to develop their capacities in the area of youth engagement through the development of youth policies and strategies;
  • To instill volunteerism and support life skills;
  • To support and address the needs of the young women and girls.