Old Saida Neighbourhood profile
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Old Saida Neighbourhood Profile

Old Saida is a predominantly residential neighbourhood located on the Mediterranean shore in the western part of Saida City (Sidon). It falls within the jurisdiction of Saida Municipality, in Lebanon’s South Governorate. The neighbourhood as defined participatively in the field spans 0.18 km2.

This report maps—and suggests the relative criticality across space of—interlinked social, economic and builtenvironment challenges in Old Saida in the context of a poor, conflict-affected neighbourhood. It offers a new area-based knowledge springboard that can be used for coordination and programming. This may be both for alleviating immediate needs and, taking into account the neighbourhood’s embeddedness in the wider city, for longer-term sustainable urban development planning. UN-Habitat and UNICEF recognize that the profile’s value lies only in its uptake and use for these purposes by the municipality and other relevant partners, and look forward to facilitating productive discussions to this end.