Side Event during TICAD 6, 2016


29th August, 2016, during TICAD 6 held in Nairobi, a small side event focusing on challenges of solid waste management in Africa was co-organized between Ministry of the Environment Japan, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), United Nations Environment Programme and UN-Habitat. The event was attended by approximately 50 participants including representatives from 9 African countries.

In the side event Kiambu County, Kenya shared their experience of constructing a landfill site in using Fukuoka Method. The landfill site was constructed with support of UN-Habitat, expert team from Fukuoka University, using locally available materials and working together with waste pickers. Fukuoka method is a semi-aerobic landfill methodology originally developed in Fukuoka City in Japan, which enhances the aeration in the waste cells thereby accelerate the decomposition process of waste material and improves leachate water quality and inhibits the emission of methane gas.

Participants also visited the landfill site in Kiambu County and learned from Kiambu County officials on the construction process and their environmental education programmes in schools.