Issued on: 18 August 2022




REMOTE (Nairobi)


PRC Database Management Consultant


4 months (Sep to Dec 2022), with a possibility to extend to 12 Months, subject to funding.

USD 12,000 for 4 months;

If extended USD 36,000 for 12 months.


USD 3,000 per month



The United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) is mandated by the UN General Assembly to promote socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable cities, towns and other human settlements.


In 2020, UN-Habitat had been restricted and the Programme Development Branch (PDB) has been created under the Global Solutions Division. PDB is responsible for the overall coordination of programme development. It brings together normative and operational expertise supporting high-quality integrated programmes that maximize results across the outcomes and the Domains of Change in the Strategic Plan.


The Branch is mandated to oversee the progress of the implementation of the UN-Habitat’s Strategic Plan. Within that scope, the Branch has been mandated to collaborate in the setting up and management a central project database that is at all times up-to-date and allows for monitoring and analysis of UN-Habitat’s programme and project portfolio. The database must be accessible to project teams as to identify programmes and projects that aim for related impact against the outcomes of UN-Habitat’s Strategic Plan.


In regard to these components, PDB has been issued three portfolio analysis, in which two have been reported to the Executive Board during the year of 2021, and one has been represented in the Annual Report 2021. There is an ongoing preparation for the portfolio analysis of the current year.


PDB has also been playing a significant role in the Project Review Committee that assures the quality and alignment of projects and programmes against the Strategic Plan. The Branch is not only involved in the review of the projects, but also has a co-leading role in providing the data and elaborating the agency’s annual Programme of Work and Budget report.

4 months
PRC Database Management Consultant
Duty Station
REMOTE (Nairobi)