1. Introduction

The Waste (Wise) Academy is an initiative by UN-Habitat under its Waste Wise Cities (WWC) program to equip decision-makers and practitioners with knowledge and tools to assess current solid waste management challenges and to prepare feasible strategies and actions towards more sustainable, safe, accessible, and innovative solid waste management in their city.

One component of the Waste Academy is an online course, which will build capacity of the WWC stakeholders on different solid waste management topics. UN-Habitat has conducted a needs assessment study to identify the topics to be covered in the online courses. The current project is to develop 6 modules of approximate 2 hours each by December 2020. Each module will be a mix of recorded lectures, videos, quizzes, reading material, all structured to achieve the learning objectives.

In this project, UN-Habitat in its capacity as the instructional designer and subject matter experts will be designing the curriculum of each module and collecting the relevant literature to be translated into the course content. The content development aspect of the online course is differentiated into two categories:

  • Category 1 content including design of the quizzes, reading materials and literature, the script of the lecture, conceptualising the animations, videos and more is done by the instructional designer and subject experts.
  • Category 2 content includes but is not limited to producing videos of lectures, editing and voice-overs on the recorded videos, design edits on reading material, managing copyrights for videos used, developing graphics, pictures and more as needed for the content development of the online course.

UN-Habitat is seeking expressions of interest (EOIs) from interested implementing partners for the category 2 content development of the online course on the selected themes of waste management. The work should be carried out under the guidance of UN-Habitat’s instructional designer. Further, the implementing partner may be a not for profit organization, government or public institution, university or research institution. UN-Habitat will provide funds to the tune of $40,000 based on delivery of outputs for this work.

The EOI should be not more than 10 pages and contain, but not be limited to the following:

  • The overall background of the institution particularly about capacity and past work in content designing;
  • Quotation for the category 2 content development, module wise and if possible, with the bifurcation of each task and an aggregated quotation for the 6 modules.
  • Work plan and schedule including dependencies and data requirements and assumptions on roles and responsibilities.
  • The support/ contribution the organization is willing to make including, cash and in-kind;
  • The support expected in-kind from UN-Habitat.
  • Governance and organizational structure; experience and qualifications of key professional staff and infrastructure facilities of the organization;
  • A certified true copy of the original Audited Account Statement for the last two years; and latest annual report.

Implementing partners who can demonstrate the effective delivery and appropriate quotation for the task will be given preference.


UN-Habitat Contribution

Upon selection, UN-Habitat will enter into an Agreement of Cooperation with the selected entity. UN-Habitat will contribute financial resources as needed for the content development towards this Agreement of Cooperation.  


  1. Submission Requirements and Guidelines

Expression of Interest must be delivered in electronic format no later than 10th August 2020 to copying ;


  1. Contact Information

Francesca Calisesi

Associate Human Settlements Officer,

Urban Basic Services Section, Urban Practices Branch, Global Solutions Division

United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)

P.O. Box 30030, Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: 254-20-7625288; 7623668


  1. Other

Please note that this EOI notice does not constitute a solicitation. UN-Habitat reserves the right to change or cancel this requirement at any time in the Expressions of Interest/or solicitation process.

Submitting a reply to an EOI does not guarantee that a Cooperation Partner will be considered for receipt of the solicitation when issued and only Cooperation Partners who are deemed qualified by UN-Habitat upon completion of the evaluation of submission will receive the final solicitation document.