Laying the Foundations for Transformative Urban Interventions in Emerging Economies: The Value of the Strategic Development Phase in the Global Future Cities Programme
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Laying the Foundations for Transformative Urban Interventions in Emerging Economies

This report highlights the core contributions of the Strategic Development Phase of The Global Future Cities Programme, headed by lead agency UN-Habitat, to explain the process and tools used, illustrate its value as a foundation for guiding intervention development, and to help enhance the potential for impact beyond the programme. The report additionally shares recommendations for similar initiatives that aim to promote sustainable urban development, as well as ways to support the ambitions of the Programme’s Implementation Phase.

The Global Future Cities Programme is a specific component of the UK’s cross-government Prosperity Fund that aims to carry out targeted urban interventions to encourage sustainable development and increase prosperity while alleviating high levels of urban poverty in 19 cities in 10 emerging economies. The Programme supports the development of strategic interventions in the main areas of urban planning, transport, and resilience, while addressing an emphasis on evidence-based decision making and the application of smart technologies. By investing in urban interventions with a transformative potential, the Programme also aims to strengthen the enabling environment for urbanisation that aligns with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.