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Global Activities Report 2017

UN-Habitat’s Global Activities Report (GAR) 2017 aims to provide updates of the Agency’s programmatic delivery at the global, regional and national levels for the years 2015-2016. There has been a growing recognition of urbanization as an engine of sustainable development over the past two years, as reflected in the New Urban Agenda (NUA) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Other important recent global agreements as indicated in the report also emphasize the role of urbanization and local authorities in promoting resilience and risk reduction as well as in mitigating and adaptation to climate change around the world. Against this background, GAR 2017 focuses on selected normative and operational activities initiated by the Agency in collaboration with partners to support governments at various levels in planning and designing appropriate national urban policies and building institutional and human capacities for sustainable urbanization. In particular, this report pays tribute to the partnerships we have established in support of the NUA and the SDGs in pursuit of a better urban future for all. UN-Habitat’s global initiatives are focusing on supporting countries and cities to establish the foundation for harnessing the power of urbanization for sustainable development, peace and security and human rights, ensuring that no-one and no space is left behind. At the country level, the Agency aims at supporting governments in the formulation of appropriate policies and strategies related to sustainable urbanization, promoting national and local ownership of joint operations. Our technical advisory services and capacity building also contribute to the development and implementation of urban development policies as key pillars of UN-Habitat’s interventions. It is expected that the Report 2017 will contribute to a better understanding of our activities and highlight the partnerships that provide political, technical and financial support much needed for the success of our work.