This story originally appeared in Urban LEDS on 22 October 2020.

22 October 2020 - One of the main bottlenecks identified why local governments continue to be unable to access climate finance is the limited knowledge about the needs and requirements of funders. Furthermore, they rarely have the opportunity to engage with them directly. In a similar way, financial institutions encounter difficulties in identifying bankable projects from sub-national governments and have limited exposure to the wide range of projects that cities have, nor do they understand the challenges and obstacles faced by cities in accessing finance and funding.

Now, this session aims to give tips and tricks of project pitching, highlighting the key elements and considerations, the DOs and DON´Ts, as well as giving practical advice.

In this pitching session funders and project developers can meet, discuss and test ideas. This facilitated process will allow the sharing of both implicit and explicit knowledge, which is essential for improved project preparation, bankability and access finance.

Participants divided in two (2) groups will work on eight (8) TAP and Urban LEDs project proposals. In each group 4 project developers can test their pitch using a standard template, and get recommendations from the group and a jury consisting of financial partner/institution representatives.