Nairobi, June 2020 – As part of its Waste Wise Cities, UN-Habitat is bringing together cities that are looking to improve the management of their municipal solid waste with mentor cities committed to share their good practices and expertise. So far 20 cities from Ethiopia, Austria, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Germany, India, Lebanon, Myanmar, Japan, Israel and Turkey have joined the initiative.

“Sustainable management of Solid Waste is important if cities are to be clean, green and inclusive,” said Andre Dzikus Chief, Urban Basic Services Section, UN-Habitat.

“With the COVID-19 pandemic, continuity of waste management services and the protection of waste workers are critical for public health and hygiene. We are encouraging the twinned towns to exchange their experiences with COVID-19 and solid waste management," he added.

More than 40 cities have expressed their commitment to tackle their solid waste management challenges by applying to UN-Habitat to be a “Changemaker City”.  However, there is a shortage of the mentoring “Supporter Cities” particularly to support cities in Spanish and French speaking countries in Central and South America and Africa. UN-Habitat invites cities to be part of the Challenge as “Supporter Cities”.

“We are delighted at the enthusiasm from cities which want to be Changemakers and we appeal to cities with the relevant experience to come forward and support them,” said Mr Dzikus.

In addition to facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing, UN-Habitat will provide training on the Waste Wise Cities Tool, a methodology for rapidly assessing progress on the waste management dimensions of the SDGs and report on waste SDGs indicators.

Since its launch on World Habitat Day on 7 October 2018, more than 160 cities across the globe have joined UN-Habitat’s Waste Wise Cities. 

UN-Habitat also welcomes donors including private sector organisations, charities and foundations to support efforts to improve waste management and invites cities to join the Waste Wise Cities.  For more information visit  or contact