Madrid 21 January 2021-- Madrid- UN-Habitat and the Madrid City Council recently organized "Tools for Urban Safety Monitoring: A comprehensive perspective" a webinar for sharing some advances and experiences on tools for urban safety monitoring.

The webinar also featured the results and conclusions of the Expert Group Meeting on "Global Urban Safety Indicators and Monitoring Tool" (held previously in Madrid in 2020) and the progress of the Urban Safety Monitor prototype. The advances made within the framework of the European Union Partnership on Urban Safety and Public Spaces, co-led by the city of Madrid, were also discussed.

Carmen Sánchez-Miranda, Head of the UN-Habitat Country Office in Spain, pointed out that UN-Habitat was leading the development process, of approximately three years, of a global Monitor of Urban Safety, in which the collaboration of Madrid has been really valuable.

"Urban Safety is a priority on the political agenda of the city and we are proud to contribute and promote good practices and exchanges, to enrich the policies of Madrid and other cities in the world, said Santiago Saura, Councilor of the Delegated Area of ​​Internationalization and Cooperation of the Madrid City Council.

During the webinar, Nicolás Gharbi, from the Madrid City Council, spoke about the European Union Partnership on Urban Safety and Public Spaces, the general framework they are developing and its status and  Miila Lukkarinen, from Helsinki City Council, presented the monitoring tools that are being developed within the framework of the aforementioned Partnership action plan.

On his part, Ernst de Pee, from the Rotterdam City Council, described the "Rotterdam Neighborhood Safety Index", and finally, Juma Assiago, from UN-Habitat, elaborated on the global monitor that is under development.

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