Nairobi, 15 October 2021 -- The UN-Habitat Cities Investment Facility (CIF) is inviting governments and urban developers to submit development proposals during its Open Call for Projects with the deadline extended to 8 November 2021.

The CIF is a multi-stakeholder initiative aiming to unlock greater capital flows to urban impact projects, by using a series of partnership-based instruments to support at ideation, design, financing, and implementation stages.

CIF invites Governments (National/State/Local), project promoters and developers working on public infrastructure projects, UN Regional offices, and key CIF focal points around the world to submit sustainable urban infrastructure projects for consideration in this call, with submissions encouraged from a variety of urban sector projects such as transport, energy, affordable housing, and more.

Accepted Open Call projects will be supported to attract private investment and reach implementation stage through the following:

· Projects will be showcased on the Cities Investment Portal (CI Portal), which allows city officials to reach out to a global audience of investors and access a community of stakeholders at the ideation stage.

· Projects will work with the Cities Investment Advisory Platform (CIAP), an initiative providing advisory services on upstream project preparation, investment potentials, and SDG-impact.

· Projects will access the Cities Investment Vehicles (CI Vehicles), who are brokers or funds that provide diverse and blended sources of capital to enable cities to begin implementing their projects.

Selected projects will also be showcased in a high-level interactive setting to private and commercial investors at the 11th World Urban Forum (WUF11) in June 2022.

Watch the video below to learn more about the submission details and procedures in detail.

UN-Habitat supports countries in implementing the urban dimensions of the sustainable development agenda to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.

For further information on the Cities Investment Facility and to respond to the Open Call, please visit:

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