Nairobi 15 July 2021 – UN-Habitat has launched Call for Expressions of Interest to support Waste Wise Cities, global programme.

The Waste Wise Cities is a UN-Habitat programme with a global network to inspire, catalyze, guide, monitor, enable and mobilize support for local governments in support of the Sustainable Development Goals. Since its launch, 200 cities and local governments from around the world, as well as more than 40 Affiliates, from the private sector, non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions have joined the network. UN-Habitat, the Waste Wise Cities members and Affiliates share knowledge and good practices, build capacity for waste data collection and monitoring, advocate and educate, and assist in the preparation of waste management projects.

Waste Management is a global issue that affects everyone. The amount of individual waste production grows daily, putting a heavy cost burden on local governments and pressure on the limited environmental resources. Poor waste collection and disposal results in uncontrolled dump sites and waste burning, leading to polluted air, soil and water. Furthermore, it is the main contributor to marine litter pollution. On the other side, waste management offers great opportunities: resource recovery lessens the dependency on resource imports; enhanced livelihoods and income for the urban poor through new business models; improved quality of life leading to an increase in investment, to just name a few.

To address the global waste crisis through better waste management and resource efficiency in the world’s cities and to turn challenges into opportunities, Ms. Maimunah Mohd Sharif, Executive Director UN-Habitat, and President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya, jointly launched Waste Wise Cities on World Habitat Day 2018.

UN-Habitat is now inviting Expressions of Interest to support the Waste Wise Cities, global programme in tackling the global solid waste crisis and promoting resource efficiency.

In order to allow for a wide range of potential collaboration and support, Waste Wise Cities invites Expressions of Interest for different modalities of support as outlined below:

  • Waste Wise Cities Partner: Any National or local government, foundation, non-governmental organisation, public and private actor or similar organisation can be a Waste Wise Cities Partner by committing to provide support to Waste Wise Cities’ programme activities.
  • Regional Hub: National governments of UN member states or other public entities with endorsement from their national governments can choose to support the hosting of a Waste Wise Cities Regional Hub in their country or another country. These hubs address all areas of Waste Wise Cities’ work in the host country and the respective region and thus enable support adjusted to local and regional priorities. 
  • Thematic Hub: National governments of UN member states or other public entities with endorsement from national governments can also choose to support the hosting of a Waste Wise Cities Thematic Hub in their country or in another country. These hubs could cover a specific aspect of Waste Wise Cities’ thematic work that the entity may wish to focus on, such as serving as an observatory monitoring solid waste data and trends, a centre of excellence on the management of plastic or e-waste, a capacity development and technical hub for waste recycling and reuse or safe waste disposal. Thematic Hubs will thus enable more enhanced leadership in knowledge generation and sharing on specific waste topics.

More information regarding the call for Expressions of Interest can be found here: deadline for submissions is the 31 August 2021.

Interested in the work UN-Habitat is doing with it’s Waste Wise Cities programme? Find more information on the website: