Aden, 14 July 2021 – A consultation workshop marked the launch of “Adequate Housing Project” in partnership with the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Programme for Yemen (SDRPY), Alwaleed Philanthropies (AP) and UN-Habitat to rehabilitate 600 damaged houses for low-income families in the Yemeni city of Aden.

The project aims to contribute to a sustainable solution for the vulnerable families of IDPs and returnees in Aden city to improve living conditions and the social cohesion of displaced people, returnees and their host communities, in the priority districts of the governorate.

The project, expected to benefit over 4000 people, will also support 200 unemployed youth with vocational training. Some 1600 new jobs will be created during the implementation period in coordination with the Yemeni Government and local authorities, and in cooperation with civil society organizations.

The participants discussed different approaches to reach the most effective implementation plan, selection of targeted neighbourhoods and end beneficiaries. Recommendations were made to be further discussed among parties.

The Head of SDRPY Office in Aden, Mr. Ahmed Madkhali stated: “The Adequate Housing project, came as an extension of the SDRPY’s cooperation and continuous coordination with the Yemeni government and the local authority, and as a result of the agreement signed on 13 January 2021, with AP and UN-Habitat to implement the housing sector support programme in the Republic of Yemen. In addition, the project will contribute to improving the urban landscape of residential neighbourhoods in the governorate of Aden, as the project will restore 600 homes at a rate of 150 homes for each district."

Adequate Housing Project Launch

Alwaleed Philanthropies Executive Manager of Global initiative, Abeer AlFouti, stated: “We are proud to work with our partners in this initiative that will secure an adequate housing for Yemen communities. We work hard at Alwaleed Philanthropies to provide long-term solutions and sustainable impact to the most vulnerable segments of society.”

The Deputy Minister of Public Works and Highways Mr. Muhammad Thabet stated: “We in the Ministry are fully prepared to provide support to reconstruction of Yemen. in this workshop, I would like to take the opportunity to thank our partners SDRPY, AP and UN-Habitat and  also to highlight the significant damage in houses in Aden due to the ongoing war since 2015.”

He added “We suffer from two main problems, which are the devastation caused by wars, and the problem of natural disasters and climate change. Especially the floods that hit most of Yemen, including Aden.”

UN-Habitat Head of Country office Mr. Wael Al-Ashhab said: “UN-Habitat appreciates the partnership with SDRPY and AP in enhancing our participation in Yemen and enabling us to help and support the most vulnerable groups in Aden through the housing rehabilitation project. UN-Habitat is also very grateful to the Ministry of Works Public Highways, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation and the Governorate of Aden for the support and cooperation during project evaluation and during the initiation of the implementation process of this project.”