Assiut Governorate, Egypt 20 January 2021—UN-Habitat has successfully assisted the General Authority for developing Urban Planning's strategic plan of the project Badari Center Scheme in Assiut Governorate.

This was achieved by planning the Badary Center as one of the local administration levels and linking the governorates' strategic plans and urban and rural-urban complexes' plans. The project allows verifying the proposed projects' effectiveness and suitability at the city-wide level

The project proposes a new approach for preparing a "strategic plan for urban development for administrative centres" within the governorate's strategic plan framework.

It includes the regional level of the centre and at the same time the level of villages and the rural units. The project crystallizes the GoE’s efforts responding to SDGs2030 and Egypt's Vision 2030, uplifts social justice, built environment and quality of life. The project deploys urban/ruler efficiency, functional and interconnectivity.

The project achieved spatial and sectoral integration by organizing the relationship between the various activities at the centre's level and its urban complexes. The findings increase the proposed development projects' effectiveness, ensure their sustainability, enhance economic growth, and provide job opportunities. The KPIs balanced spatial development, reducing development disparities between the villages, rural units and cities.

The project processes have passed through three basic steps i) assessment for the basic features of the current situation, ii) formulate an integrated strategic vision and iii) integrated framework for the urban/rural development within the project boundary. The project provides an integrated investment plan for priority projects, implementation mechanisms, business model and following up performance indicators.

For more information pls contact:

Bassem Fahmy ( Programme Manager

Ahmed Adel ( Programme Officer