Nairobi, 9 November 2020 - What does adequate housing really mean? Are Governments bound to respect and fulfill this right and what does that imply? How does the right to adequate housing look like in practice? The concept of a fundamental human right to adequate, safe and affordable housing can be a powerful protection and platform for advocacy if fully understood. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

To facilitate this discussion, the #GetYourHousingRight initiative reaches out to governments and people alike to inform them about what the right to adequate housing really is. This is part of the broader UN-Habitat’s Housing4All Campaign , launched on World Habitat Day 2020, which aimed at promoting alliances and initiatives to increase housing for all in order to improve future resilience of cities and communities.

In support of this initiative, Leilani Farha, former UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing and Global Director of The Shift, talks about #GetYourHousingRight in the latest episode of PUSHBACK Talks. The episode “Get Your Housing Right – A Listener’s Guide to the Right to Housing” is part of a podcast series developed jointly with Fredrik Gertten – director of the movie Push – and explains in a simple and accessible way what the right to adequate housing is in practice.

PUSHBACK Talks is a podcast series developed by Leilani Farha and Fredrik Gertten to investigate the threats to the right to adequate housing, and to look at who the key actors involved are and what is needed to realise this fundamental right.

The Shift is a global movement of diverse stakeholders committed to affirming housing as a human right, recognising the global housing crisis as the most significant social issue facing cities around the world. Created Leilani Farha in 2016, alongside the OHCHR and United Cities Local Governments, The Shift functions as a platform to unite diverse actors across the globe.

UN-Habitat has joined forces with the Shift, to collaborate on technical assistance and advocacy efforts to support states and other stakeholders to ensure the full and progressive realisation of the right to adequate housing.