Nairobi, 5 October – During the Global Observance of World Habitat Day 2020 held today, the Executive Director of UN-Habitat, Maimunah Mohd Sharif launched the Housing for All Campaign. The five-week campaign is aimed at raising awareness on the crucial role of adequate housing for development, gather solutions to address current gaps and call on all actors to commit to ensure housing for all.

At the launch of the Campaign at the Global Observance, the Executive Director Ms Sharif stressed: “A house is more than a roof over our heads. A house is critical for health, safety and dignity. It gives a sense of belonging and well-being for people to grow, engage, live, work and learn together. In short, Housing for All is a critical part of development.”

During the Global Observance of the World Habitat Day, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing, Balakrishnan Rajagopal, emphasized the need for housing stakeholders to “capitalize on the measures that have been put in place during the pandemic as emergency responses to ensure that we do not go back to the pre-pandemic policies , which will further exacerbate the pre-existing inequalities”.

“At this particular moment of the COVID-19 crisis,” Ms Sharif stressed “housing is at the centre of the recovery because we have seen the positive impact of providing homes and shelters to communities. With adequate housing and protections, people can thrive, and cities can recover. It is a central component to make sure that we do not leave anyone behind”.

National and local governments, civil society organisations, private sector, financial institutions and research centres can amplify the Housing for All Campaign on social media using #Housing4All, #NotJustARoof and #TakeAction4Cities and by sharing their solutions to housing challenges to inspire others.   You can find more information, and sign up to the Campaign here -