Water shortage is a global worsening reality but there are may ways the existing resources can be used more wisely, says a UN-Habitat expert on the issue.

In an interview with the German broadcast station Deutsche Welle, Anne Bousquet of the Global Water Operators’ Partnership Alliance (GWOPA) said citizens and governments are responsible for ensuring the already-scarce water resources are used better.

“We do have a water crisis; we talk about water scarcity, and it is every getting worse,” Bousquet said in her interview.


“There are several explanations for that of course, it is not a simple question. There is not one cause. We have a combination of both global warming and the urban growth, which is making cities even bigger so we have less water and more people.”

Bousquet cautioned against unregulated and inconsiderate use of fresh ground water but also said any large projects should be adapted to local needs and contexts.

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