Mogadishu, June 2021 - Sheikh Abdi Ibrahim, a father of five children, is one of the beneficiaries of the cash transfer being implemented by DRC though the support of UN-Habitat and funded by the European Union in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu.

Ibrahim fled Qoryoley district in Lower Shabelle region after persistent conflict and drought and lost all his livestock, his main means of livelihood. In Mogadishu, he established a small fruit business. However, in August 2010, he was injured in a blast at Muna Hotel opposite his fruit stand. The blast severely injured his right leg and destroyed his stall.

He has since been relying on his relatives for his upkeep. However the COVID pandemic led to job cuts and his relatives found themselves out of work as well. He was selected to be a recipient of the cash transfer initiative.

“The onset of the pandemic made things tough as the people I was relying on were also affected economically.  The monthly entitlement of USD 35 through my mobile phone has come in handy in helping me to cover my family’s basic needs,” said Ibrahim.

He further explained how persons living with disability are often forgotten in Somalia.

“We do not get adequate support from the Government even though we are really vulnerable and exposed to poor living conditions. That is why I really appreciate the support provided by DRC  and UN-Habitat and the recognition of our vulnerabilities,” he said.

The cash transfers target 1,500 vulnerable families in Shangani, Abdiaziz and Deynille Districts, which will receive the monthly stipend for six months.