April 7: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Socialeconomic Impact on Africa - Health, Economy and Planning V2.

April 1: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Socialeconomic Impact on Africa - Health, Economy and Planning V1.

Discussion Paper – April 09, 2020: Covid-19: Socioeconomic Impacts on Africa


Nairobi , 7 April 2020--COVID-19 is the world's greatest enemy now and no country is 'left behind' in the war. Our reaction to this crisis is the best measure of globalization and is serving to remind the world that we are truly one interconnected global community.

No country is immune to the negative impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. The African continent, is facing the likely scenario of being affected the most due to the vulnerability of its economy and high dependence on international trade. UN-Habitat, which is the specialised UN urbanization agency, and at the center of helping cities get better prepared for this battle,  is closely watching the impact of COVID-19 on each economic and social sector. The organisation is especially concerned about the lower-income individuals,  communities and economies which are more vulnerable to the rapid changes and disruptions.

Today we present the first version of 'The COVID-19 Outbreak: Socioeconomic Impact on Africa -Health, Economy and Planning'. This study is intended to provide global readers and policymakers with a timely perspective on the evolving situation and implications on health, economy and planning.

In this analysis, a holistic overview was provided with at a glance fact sheets to help us better understand and respond to the crisis. Here are some highlights of this study:

- How are all the SDGs affected by the outbreak COVID-19?

- Key features of Africa's economy pre and post COVID-19

- Major ramifications and predication of Africa's GDP growth

- Implications on livelihoods in informal sectors and informal settlements

- How global poverty and inequality is reinforced

- Impact on global trade in relation to Africa

- Response meauresments status in African countries at a glance

- Key recommendations to policy makers

- Pressure on African health systems with exsiting HIV, TB, and Malaria conditions

- Risk for female, elderly, and youth

- Sample case study in Kenya

The outbreak is moving quickly, and some of the perspectives in this article may fall rapidly out of date. This article reflects our perspective as of 7 April 2020. We will update it every three to five days as the outbreak evolves. More analysis on other regions will be included in the subsequent days.