Global Consultation on Localizing SDG’  

Turin, Italy 13th -15th October 2014 - The Local Government and Decentralization Unit (LGDU) attended, the global consultation on localizing SDG’s in Turin, Italy. This was the last event amongst many of a process of national and regional consultations regarding the role and future of SDGs at the local level.

In January 2014, LDGU on behalf of UN Habitat co-lead a series of consultations together with UNDP and the Global Task Force on Local and Regional Government, with the aim of assessing the future local dimension of the implementation of the SDGs. Finally, the global consultation invited the representatives from the 13 countries plus the members of the Advisory Committee to assess the final report, present the main findings and to endorse the proposed way forward.

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Urban Thinkers Campus

Caserta, Italy 16th -17th October 2014 - LGDU represented UN-Habitat at the Urban Thinkers Campus in Caserta, Italy. The campus offers open space for partners to contribute to the preparatory process towards Habitat III consultations. The Campus conveyed representatives of constituencies and partner organizations to debate around urban challenges and solutions to learn from each other and exchange on emerging practices that can positively contribute to a new urban paradigm.

Smart Local Governance: The Challenge of Good Governance in Local Administration  

Bilbao, Spain 5th -7th November 2014  - The Local Government and Decentralization Unit presented the preliminary results from the joint activity with London School of Economics and UCLG on Mapping Urban Governance at the Smart Local Governance event in Bilbao. The results highlighted the governance gaps, opportunities and challenges that local governments face in the day-to-day running of a city. This was as a result of months of data collection from a diverse set of cities on various aspects of urban management and development.

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Urban Age Conference  

India 14th -15th November 2014 - LDGU was pleased to attend the Urban Age Conference in Delhi where the official unveiling of the joint UN Habitat, LSE and UCLG (United Cities and Local Governments) survey results for the Mapping Urban Governance project took place. The survey results were presented in the annual conference newsletter Governing Urban Futures 2014.

The event was organized by LSE Cities at the London School of Economics and Political Science and Deutsche Bank’s Alfred Herrhausen Society. This years Urban Age conference investigated the link between urban governance and capacities to engage with and shape the future development of cities.