URBAN GATEWAY is an online community to help cities and urban practitioners across the world unite to share knowledge and take action. 

The Urban Gateway is the first web platform of its kind to leverage the energy and resources of the global urban development community.  It will allow UN-HABITAT and its external partners to network,exchange knowledge, discuss issues and share opportunities related to sustainable urbanization worldwide.

It responds to the needs of our partners - from governments and local authorities, to researchers, civil society organizations and the private sector - to establish a central hub of practical knowledge on building sustainable towns and cities.

Users of this Gateway will be able to find and contact other members, form common interest groups, offer and apply for opportunities, share experiences and get the latest local and global news on urban issues in their language.

The Urban Gateway maintains the momentum, discussions and networks developed at the World Urban Forums, reinforces partnerships and highlights the impact of World Urban Campaign.

The next phase of the Gateway will see the addition of spatial featuers to allow users to zoom into a particular city and find out about the urban conditions, such as access to urban services and innovations to tackle city problems.

The Urban Gateway is supported by Swedish funding and developed by Public Zone, a UK agency that helps organizations use digital to improve people's lives.


  • Land, Legislation & Governance
  • Planning & Design
  • Economy
  • Basic Services
  • Housing & Slum Upgrading
  • Risk Reduction & Rehabilitation
  • Research & Capacity Development

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