The Global Network for Sustainable Housing (GNSH) is an international partnership linking practitioners, academics and organizations that are leading the policy development, research and design for environmentally, economically, socially and culturally sustainable housing. Through the partnership, GNSH members share experience and expertise, and develop strategies that promote affordable and sustainable housing practices in developing and transitional countries and cities.

Established through the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), GNSH is now a partnership that includes several international organizations that are promoting adequate housing solutions in the context of slum upgrading, reconstruction, large-scale affordable and social housing, and sustainable urban development.
GNSH encourages this work through the use of local and traditional building materials and vernacular architecture, integrated neighborhood design and urban planning, and supporting social processes towards the realization of the right to adequate housing. GNSH is also an ever-expanding group that welcomes new partners with similar values and objectives.

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Global Network for Sustainable Housing (GNSH)

Membership and Contact

Developing sustainable solutions for housing globally requires the effort and expertise of professionals across multiple disciplines. Therefore, we work best when our knowledge is shared and our endeavors mutually supported. Members of GNSH have access to high level research and reports related to sustainable housing practices and are connected to a network of professionals with which they can share expertise, follow each other’s projects and find partners for future collaboration.

To learn more and to enquire about the benefits of membership, please contact Jesus Salcedo (Jesus.Salcedo@unhabitat.org).

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