The Global Alliance for Urban Crises is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative community of practice working to prevent, prepare for and effectively respond to humanitarian crises in urban settings.

The Global Alliance brings together diverse actors who commit to the principles outlined in the Urban Crisis Charter, including:

  • Academia/Think Tanks
  • Built Environment Professionals
  • Local Governments
  • National Governments / Donors
  • Humanitarian and Development Organizations
  • Civil Society / Grassroots Organizations

Thematic objectives

Adapting Urban Tools

Tailoring humanitarian response to the urban context by developing shared assessment and profiling tools, promoting joint analysis, and adapting coordination mechanisms.


Mobilizing Urban Expertise

Developing or working with existing global, regional and national rosters to facilitate the deployment of urban leaders, managers and technical experts.


Managing Urban Displacement

Building the evidence base on characteristics of protracted displacement in urban areas and contributing to the design of appropriate and cost-effective responses, with particular regard to the protection of vulnerable people, shelter, basic services and infrastructure.


Building Urban Resilience

Ensuring that initiatives focused on building urban resilience incorporate components on resilient response and recovery from crises and that they leverage the greatest impact in cities most at risk of humanitarian emergencies.


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