National Urban Policies Programme in Lebanon, Diagnosis report
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National Urban Policies Programme in Lebanon, Diagnosis report

In 2017, UN-Habitat Lebanon launched the “National Urban Policies Programme” (NUP) as part of a regional initiative addressing Arab States including Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Sudan and Morocco. NUP is a vital tool for governments seeking to manage rapid urbanization by promoting transformative, productive, inclusive and resilient long-term urban development, through a government-led process, ensuring the active involvement of planning stakeholders. 

During the first phase (year one of the Programme), UN-Habitat Lebanon partnered with the Ministry of State for Planning to develop the Diagnosis report as a first step towards achieving NUP.

The publication entitled “National Urban Policies Programme Lebanon Diagnosis report 2018” provides an overview of the Lebanese context focusing on urban planning and design, urban legislation and urban economy as a framework for analysis. It resulted in important findings and recommendations to set an urban policy framework for Lebanon.