Nakivale Settlement Profile. Isingiro District, Uganda
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Nakivale Settlement Profile. Isingiro District, Uganda

The Settlement Profile for Nakivale in Isingiro District, Uganda is one of the two pilot profiles produced from the Settlement Profiling Tool, a tool prepared by UN-Habitat and funded by UNHCR that guides field personnel in the creation of cross-sectoral Settlement profiles that intend to inform future development plans and prioritize investment opportunities.

Nakivale, Uganda is the oldest refugee settlement in Africa and benefits from what is often lauded as the most progressive refugee policies in the world. However the settlement is rapidly running out of enough arable land to support both refugees and host community, environmental degradation is causing shortages of water and firewood and poor infrastructure limits connectivity and wider access to markets.

Through an investigation of the physical, social-economic and policy dynamics Nakivale Settlement and the surrounding region, the Settlement Profile provides recommendations including the need for an alternative model for land and resource management, livelihood generation, investment in infrastructure to allow for pathways to self-reliance and the inclusion of Nakivale settlement in the physical plan for Isingiro and the District Development Plan 2020-2030. The Settlement Profile lists the strategic, socio-economic, environmental and spatial opportunities for the region as well as projected development scenarios which illustrate the impact of continuing ‘business as usual’ compared to pursuing spatial and institutional integration.