Myanmar Climate Change Strategy (2018 – 2030)
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Myanmar Climate Change Strategy (2018 – 2030)

The Myanmar Climate Change Strategy (MCCS) contributes to materialize the Myanmar Climate Change Policy (MCCP) Vision for the Country to be a climate-resilient, low-carbon society that is sustainable, prosperous and inclusive, for the wellbeing of present and future generations. It aims to guide action to achieve its strategic vision, goal and objectives.

It was prepared in close consultation with national and local stakeholders representing a cross-section of government institutions, national non-governmental organisations (NGOs), communities, the private sector, development partners, professionals and academia, covering a wide range of sectors. The government engaged with stakeholders through bilateral discussions, four national workshops and five sub-national workshops in five of Myanmar's climate-vulnerable states/regions. Thousands of participants from local government, civil society organisations, communities and the private sector were involved.