Myanmar Climate Change Master Plan (2018 – 2030)
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Myanmar Climate Change Master Plan (2018 – 2030)

Myanmar aims to achieve a healthy and happy society that is able to resist changes in climate regimes and whose economic development will be implemented through integrated low carbon approaches by 2030. The Myanmar Climate Change Master Plan (2018-2030) has been formulated and adopted with the view toward mainstreaming a series of prioritized sectoral short, medium and long term actions identified in the Myanmar Climate Change Policy and Strategy.

The Myanmar Climate Change Master Plan (2018-2030) showcases the result of extensive in-depth sectoral consultations and bilateral discussions by line ministerial departments and enterprises, city development committees, research and academia, private and non-governmental organizations, civil-society organizations, development partners from national and international agencies, experts, technical working groups of Myanmar Climate Change Alliance (MCCA) as well as comments from relevant subnational stakeholders.

The Myanmar Climate Change Master Plan (2018-2030) clearly defines a series of high-priority activities, their respective strategic indicators, and the responsibilities of involved stakeholders across six specific sectors prioritized in Myanmar Climate Change Strategy defined as: “climate-smart agriculture, fisheries and livestock for food security, sustainable management of natural resources for healthy ecosystems, resilient and low-carbon energy, transport and industrial systems for sustainable growth, building resilient, inclusive and sustainable cities and towns in Myanmar, managing climate risks for people’s health and well-being, and building a resilient Myanmar society through education, science and technology”.