Municipal Finance Policy Advocacy Report - Lebanon
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Municipal Finance Assessments | Policy Advocacy Report - Lebanon

The ‘Municipal Empowerment and Resilience Project’ (MERP) aims to strengthen the long-term resilience of subnational authorities in Lebanon as well as host communities, refugees and displaced persons affected by the Syrian Crisis. To achieve this, the Project engages in a three-pronged approach: “1. Strengthen processes, procedures and practices to enable Unions of Municipalities (UoMs) and municipalities to deliver effective and efficient services in a transparent and accountable manner; 2. Empower UoMs and municipalities to facilitate local economic development (LED) and to deliver basic services that address the needs of both host and refugee populations, and; 3. Support communities to engage in municipal processes and procedures to ensure that UoMs and municipalities are responsive to their needs.”

The municipal finance landscape in Lebanon is known for its complexity and diversity. While some municipalities have relatively good financial positions and robust local public finance management systems and capacities, many, and in particular smaller-sized municipalities, face significant challenges. The Municipal Finance Assessment conducted in the Al-Fayhaa, Matn, and Tyre Unions of Municipalities is a review of local institutional behaviour and performance over the past five (5) years. As such, it can be used by the municipalities as a management tool for performance improvement. The assessment process will also help the municipal council to identify areas in need of improvement and to formulate action plans to address specific shortcomings. In addition, the institutional and finance assessment includes an overview of the city or village which includes the political, economic, social, and demographic context within which the municipal institutional and financial systems function. Combined, the assessments also yield insights in relation to needed national policy reforms to support and strengthen municipal finance.