The midterm-project evaluation of “Achieving Planning and Land Rights in Area C”, West Bank, Palestine for the period 2019-2023 was mandated by the donor, the European Union (EU), and in-line with UN-Habitat Evaluation Policy (2013) and the Revised UN-Habitat Evaluation Framework (2016).

The project is funded by the EU under contribution agreement No. [ENI/2019/408-287] with a total funding of Euro 4 million and implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Local Government (MoLG), the Land and Water Settlement Commission (LWSC), and other local, national, and international partners, including the Palestinian Land Authority (PLA), Office of Prime Minister (PMO), and the World Bank, amongst others.

The midterm-project evaluation serves both accountability and learning purposes. It is intended to provide accountability on what has been achieved so far by the project at objectives, expected accomplishment (outcomes) and output levels by assessing the achievements, challenges and opportunities of the project through measurement and analysis of all the phases of the project management cycle in relation to its results chain and the project’s logical framework. It is also intended to enhance learning by identifying what is working, what needs improvement, gaps and where adjustments are needed, lessons learned and recommendations in order to improve the implementation of the project in the remaining period of its delivery.