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The General Assembly, in resolution 67/216, decided that the Habitat III conference and its Preparatory Committee shall be open to all States Members of the United Nations. Resolution 68/239 further invites Member States to facilitate participatory processes and wide stakeholder participation, including local authorities and their associations, when developing, revising and implementing national urban policies, where appropriate as a means for the preparation of Habitat III.

The Bureau of the Preparatory Committee

Following the established United Nations procedures for an inter-governmental conference, the General Assembly decided to establish a preparatory committee to carry out the preparations for the Conference open to all Member States of the United Nations.

The Bureau of the Preparatory Committee is the Member States’ representation for the coordination of the preparatory process towards the Habitat III Conference. The following officers serve on the Bureau of the Preparatory Committee:

  • María Duarte (Ecuador)
  • Maryse Gautier (France)
  • Eric Miangar (Chad)
  • Jaime Silva (Chile)
  • Daniela Grabmüllerová (Czech Republic)
  • Tania Roediger-Vorwerk (Germany)
  • Purnomo A. Chandra (Indonesia)
  • Mamadou Mbodj (Senegal)
  • Elena Szolgayova (Slovakia)
  • MajidHasan Al-Suwaidi (United Arab Emirates)
Registration for the PrepCom2

Member States are requested to inform the Conference secretariat of the composition of their delegation via note verbale from their Permanent Mission to the United Nations by 13 March 2015. A scanned copy of the note verbale is to be sent to the Conference secretariat by email to habitat3secretariat@un.org, copying herity@un.org.

For more information about the Preparatory Committees please visit PrepCom1 or PrepCom2 details.

National Urban Reports for Habitat III

The Habitat III National Reports are the first step towards an evidence-based outcome document of the Conference. These are relevant reports on the monitoring of the implementation of the Habitat Agenda of Istanbul 1996, as well as on identifying emerging issues for the elaboration of the New Urban Agenda.

National Reports will form part of the Regional and Global Report. A wide range of perspectives and national realities enriches discussions on the final outcome. 

downloadAlgeria (National Report)

downloadNetherlands (National Report)

downloadUnited States of America  (National Report)

download Republic of Korea (National Report)

download Belgium (National Report)

download Burkina Faso (National Report)

download Turkey (National Report)

download Pakistan (National Report)

download Ethiopia (National Report) 

download Madagascar (National Report) 

National Urban Reports for Habitat II


List of National Reports presented in 1996:

Albania –  National Report
Algeria –  National Report
Angola –  National Report
Argentina –  National Report
Armenia –  National Report
Austria –  National Report
Azerbaijan –  National Report
Bahrain –  National Report
Bangaldesh –  National Report
Barbados –  National Report
Belarus –   National Report
Belgium –   National Report 
Benin –   National Report
Bhutan –   National Report
Bolivia –   National Report
Botswana –   National Report
Brazil –   National Report
Burkina Faso –  National Report
Burundi –   National Report
Cameroon –   National Report
Canada –   National Report
Cap Verde –   National Report
Central Africa Republic –   National Report
Chad –   National Report
Chile –   National Report
China –   National Report
Colombia –  National Report
Comores –  National Report
Congo –  National Report
Costa Rica –   National Report
Cote d’voire –   National Report
Croatia –   National Report
Cuba –   National Report
Cyprus –   National Report
Czech Republic –   National Report
Denmark –   National Report
Djibouti –   National Report
Dominican Republic –   National Report
Ecuador –   National Report
Egypt –   National Report
Estonia –   National Report
Ethiopia –   National Report
Finland –   National Report
France –   National Report
Gabonaise –   National Report
Gambia –   National Report
Georgia –   National Report
Germany –   National Report
Ghana –   National Report
Greece –   National Report
Guatemala –   National Report
Guine-bissau-   National Report
Guinee –   National Report
Guyana –  National Report
Haiti –  National Report
Iceland –  National Report
India –   National Report
Indonesia –   National Report
Iran –  National Report
Ireland –   National Report
Israel –   National Report
Italy –  National Report
Jamaica –   National Report
Japan –   National Report
Jordan –   National Report
Kenya –   National Report
Kiribati –   National Report
Korea –   National Report
Lao –   National Report
Latvia –   National Report
Lebanon –   National Report
Lesotho –  National Report
Liberia –  National Report
Libya –   National Report
Lithuania –   National Report
Macedonia –   National Report
Madagascar –   National Report
Malawi –   National Report
Maldives –   National Report
Mali –   National Report
Mauritania –  National Report
Mauritius –   National Report
Mexico –  National Report
Moldova –   National Report
Mongolia –   National Report
Morocco –  National Report
Mozambique-   National Report
Namibia –   National Report
Nepal –   National Report
Netherlands –  National Report
Nicaragua –  National Report
Niger –  National Report
Nigeria –   National Report
Norway –  National Report
Oman –  National Report
Pacific Island –  National Report
Pakistan –  National Report
Palestine –  National Report
Paraguay –  National Report
Peru –  National Report
Philippines –  National Report
Poland –  National Report
Romania –  National Report
Russia –  National Report
Salvador –  National Report
Sao Tome and Principe-  National Report
Senegal –  National Report
Seychelles –  National Report
Sierra Leone –  National Report
Slovak –  National Report
Slovenia –  National Report
South Africa –  National Report
Spain –  National Report
Sri Lanka –  National Report 
Sudan –  National Report
Swaziland –  National Report
Sweden –  National Report
Syria –  National Report
Tanzania –  National Report
Thailand –  National Report
Togo –  National Report
Trinidad and Tobago –  National Report
Tunisia –  National Report
U.A.E –  National Report
Uganda –  National Report
Ukraine –  National Report
United Kingdom –  National Report
United States-  National Report
Uruguay –   National Report
Venezuela –  National Report
Yemen –  National Report
Yugoslav –  National Report
Zaire –  National Report
Zambia –  National Report
Zimbabwe –  National Report