The General Assembly, in resolution 67/216, decided that the Habitat III conference and its Preparatory Committee shall be open to all States Members of the United Nations. Resolution 68/239 further invites Member States to facilitate participatory processes and wide stakeholder participation, including local authorities and their associations, when developing, revising and implementing national urban policies, where appropriate as a means for the preparation of Habitat III.

The Bureau of the Preparatory Committee

Following the established United Nations procedures for an inter-governmental conference, the General Assembly decided to establish a preparatory committee to carry out the preparations for the Conference open to all Member States of the United Nations.

The Bureau of the Preparatory Committee is the Member States’ representation for the coordination of the preparatory process towards the Habitat III Conference. The following officers serve on the Bureau of the Preparatory Committee:

  • María Duarte (Ecuador)

  • Maryse Gautier (France)

  • Eric Miangar (Chad)

  • Jaime Silva (Chile)

  • Daniela Grabmüllerová (Czech Republic)

  • Tania Roediger-Vorwerk (Germany)

  • Purnomo A. Chandra (Indonesia)

  • Mamadou Mbodj (Senegal)

  • Elena Szolgayova (Slovakia)

  • MajidHasan Al-Suwaidi (United Arab Emirates)

Registration for the PrepCom2

Member States are requested to inform the Conference secretariat of the composition of their delegation via note verbale from their Permanent Mission to the United Nations by 13 March 2015. A scanned copy of the note verbale is to be sent to the Conference secretariat by email to, copying

For more information about the Preparatory Committees please visit PrepCom1 or PrepCom2 details.

National Urban Reports for Habitat III

The Habitat III National Reports are the first step towards an evidence-based outcome document of the Conference. These are relevant reports on the monitoring of the implementation of the Habitat Agenda of Istanbul 1996, as well as on identifying emerging issues for the elaboration of the New Urban Agenda.

National Reports will form part of the Regional and Global Report. A wide range of perspectives and national realities enriches discussions on the final outcome. 

downloadAlgeria (National Report)

downloadNetherlands (National Report)

downloadUnited States of America  (National Report)

download Republic of Korea (National Report)

download Belgium (National Report)

download Burkina Faso (National Report)

download Turkey (National Report)

download Pakistan (National Report)

download Ethiopia (National Report) 

download Madagascar (National Report) 

National Urban Reports for Habitat II

List of National Reports presented in 1996:

Albania - National ReportAlgeria - National ReportAngola - National ReportArgentina - National ReportArmenia - National ReportAustria - National ReportAzerbaijan - National ReportBahrain - National ReportBangaldesh - National ReportBarbados - National ReportBelarus -  National ReportBelgium -  National Report Benin -  National ReportBhutan -  National ReportBolivia -  National ReportBotswana -  National ReportBrazil -  National ReportBurkina Faso - National ReportBurundi -  National ReportCameroon -  National ReportCanada -  National ReportCap Verde -  National ReportCentral Africa Republic -  National ReportChad -  National ReportChile -  National ReportChina -  National ReportColombia - National ReportComores - National ReportCongo - National ReportCosta Rica -  National ReportCote d'voire -  National ReportCroatia -  National ReportCuba -  National ReportCyprus -  National ReportCzech Republic -  National ReportDenmark -  National ReportDjibouti -  National ReportDominican Republic -  National ReportEcuador -  National ReportEgypt -  National ReportEstonia -  National ReportEthiopia -  National ReportFinland -  National ReportFrance -  National ReportGabonaise -  National ReportGambia -  National ReportGeorgia -  National ReportGermany -  National ReportGhana -  National ReportGreece -  National ReportGuatemala -  National ReportGuine-bissau-  National ReportGuinee -  National ReportGuyana - National ReportHaiti - National ReportIceland - National ReportIndia -  National ReportIndonesia -  National ReportIran - National ReportIreland -  National ReportIsrael -  National ReportItaly - National ReportJamaica -  National ReportJapan -  National ReportJordan -  National ReportKenya -  National ReportKiribati -  National ReportKorea -  National ReportLao -  National ReportLatvia -  National ReportLebanon -  National ReportLesotho - National ReportLiberia - National ReportLibya -  National ReportLithuania -  National ReportMacedonia -  National ReportMadagascar -  National ReportMalawi -  National ReportMaldives -  National ReportMali -  National ReportMauritania - National ReportMauritius -  National ReportMexico - National ReportMoldova -  National ReportMongolia -  National ReportMorocco - National ReportMozambique-  National ReportNamibia -  National ReportNepal -  National ReportNetherlands - National ReportNicaragua - National ReportNiger - National ReportNigeria -  National ReportNorway - National ReportOman - National ReportPacific Island - National ReportPakistan - National ReportPalestine - National ReportParaguay - National ReportPeru - National ReportPhilippines - National ReportPoland - National ReportRomania - National ReportRussia - National ReportSalvador - National ReportSao Tome and Principe- National ReportSenegal - National ReportSeychelles - National ReportSierra Leone - National ReportSlovak - National ReportSlovenia - National ReportSouth Africa - National ReportSpain - National ReportSri Lanka - National Report Sudan - National ReportSwaziland - National ReportSweden - National ReportSyria - National ReportTanzania - National ReportThailand - National ReportTogo - National ReportTrinidad and Tobago - National ReportTunisia - National ReportU.A.E - National ReportUganda - National ReportUkraine - National ReportUnited Kingdom - National ReportUnited States- National ReportUruguay -  National ReportVenezuela - National ReportYemen - National ReportYugoslav - National ReportZaire - National ReportZambia - National ReportZimbabwe - National Report