Mapping Somali Cities| Training Manual
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Mapping Somali Cities| Training Manual

This manual is part of a UN-Habitat strategy for building up capacity of local and state government in Somalia and laying the foundation for the establishment of functional urban development departments able to cope with the tremendous urban development challenges of the country. Mapping is only one of the technical skills at the base of urban planning.

The manual is meant to feed into a training course for base mapping in Somalia. It serves as an introduction for local government and other interested stakeholders, guiding through the different scales and themes relevant to the context, the different sources available, and different visualization requirements. 

The end-users of the course are intended to be local government staff (ministries, district), as well as other stakeholders (e.g. NGOs and international agencies), particularly those engaged in development activities that deal with infrastructure, agriculture, hydrology, land administration, urban planning, solid waste management, or natural resource management