Event date

Urban Breakfast


Making our cities work: Implementing the New Urban Agenda and the urban dimension of the Sustainable

Development Goals in the UNECE region


World Habitat Day 2 October 2017


11.00 - 12.45


VIII, Palais des Nations, UNOG, Geneva



11.00 – 11.15 Coffee and Snacks, get together


11:15 – 11:45 Keynotes

• Olga Algayerova, Executive Secretary, UNECE

• Paulius Kulikauskas, Chief Office for Europe and European Institutions,



11:45 – 12:25 The role of the United Nations system in the implementation. Interventions from Geneva based UN agencies: ITU, IOM, WHO, UNCTAD,



12:25 – 12:45 Open discussion and questions


Information booth on the upcoming World Urban Forum 9, February 2018

in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Contact: housing.landmanagement@unece.org


Within the last two years, several key agreements on the international level have been reached: In September 2015, the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals. Goal number 11 calls to ‘make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.’ One year later, the UN adopted the New Urban Agenda, a milestone agreement to guide worldwide efforts towards sustainable urbanization. Also in 2016, the European Union agreed upon the Urban Agenda for the EU. The next World Urban Forum will focus on Cities 2030 and how cities could achieve the SDGs implementing the New Urban Agenda.


How can cities and regions work on implementing the Urban Agendas when planning their cities for 2030? Are national urban policies instruments used? Are stakeholders engaged in the elaboration of the urban policies at the city or regional level? How are we going to measure implementation and ensure that the achievements of the SDGs are sustainable? Which role has the United Nations system to play?