Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation in Tourism Sector Development In Jordan (Preliminary Phase)The Mainstreaming Biodiversity in the Tourism Sector in Jordan Project is a GEF/UNDP four years project commenced in January 2014.The project aims to promote the consideration of biodiversity as a fundamental part of national planning and development efforts, especially for areas affected by tourism in Jordan.

The project aims to reduce the impact of tourism on biodiversity in Jordan and it will intervene at three levels. At the national level, it will develop a regulatory and enforcement framework in order to reduce the impact of tourism on biodiversity centrally (upstream). Components will be piloted at the local level, assessed and refined before being adopted nationally and made available for replication and up-scaling.

At the regional level, the project will create public awareness about the sensitivity and value of biodiversity as an asset for tourism promotion in addition to institutional capacity for planning, monitoring and enforcement so as to manage the impacts of tourism development inside and outside formally protected areas.