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Local Action for Global Goals: An Opportunity for Enhancing Nationally Determined Contributions

As countries prepare to revise their NDCs ahead of COP30, the analysis summarized in this technical brief shows: which countries have the biggest potential to work towards stronger integration of urban content in their NDCs; how they can reap co-benefits of sustainable urban development, effective local adaptation measures, and reducing emissions by stronger collaboration with local governments. 

The information enables stakeholders to identify opportunities for implementing effective change to enhance climate ambition, focusing on countries where significant opportunities exist to integrate urban priorities into their national climate plans. 

An analysis of the CHAMP-endorsing countries, based on the NDC urban content data and analysis, reveals that two-thirds of countries which have committed to stronger collaboration with local governments through CHAMP currently display low or moderate urban content in their NDCs. This offers an opportunity to integrate urban priorities, such as mitigation and adaptation measures tailored to urban areas in the next NDC revision cycle in 2025, which will culminate at COP30 in Belém in Brazil.