Urban planning in Kosovo. © UN-Habitat

  • Total value of UN-Habitat investments (2008-2013): US$ 9,639,085
  • Total number of UN-Habitat projects (2008-2013): n/a
  • Main donors: n/a
  • Implementing partners: Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, municipalities

Results of the 2011 census in Kosovo show that out of almost 1.8 million citizens, 41% live in cities and towns. Kosovo’s economy is still a problem and poses a great threat to long-term stability. With an estimated unemployment rate of above 30.9% in 2012 and an employment rate of only 25.6%, Kosovo has one of the weakest employment records in Europe.

According to the statistics of Kosovo the poverty rate is 29.7% and there are 6.8% of the population under the social assistance scheme. There are in total 174 informal settlements, which approximately represents 0,643% of the total territory of Kosovo.

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