Kismayo Urban Profile 2020
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Kismayo Urban Profile 2020

The Jubaland State Ministry of Public Works, Reconstruction and Housing (MPWRH) has prepared this Urban Profile to summarise analyses and data collected across different systems, sectors and key actors from the spatial perspective in an attempt to contribute in an effective way to develop a shared understanding of the complexity of urban crisis in the context of Kismayo.

The document builds upon the Kismayo Urban Profile prepared by UN-Habitat with the support of local government and various stakeholders in 2017, within the framework of the Midnimo (Unity) Project.

The profile has a broader scope, compared to the previous one, and illustrates more in depth growth patterns and settlement dynamics linking them to the demands of the various communities living in town (including returnees, IDPs and host community), and contextualize them within the new policy framework of the State