Kenya Habitat Country Programme Document (HCPD) 2023 - 2027
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Kenya Habitat Country Programme Document (HCPD) 2023 - 2027

This Habitat Country Programme Document (HCPD) 2023 – 2027 outlines the Government of Kenya & UN-Habitat’s key priorities in Kenya and is in line with UN-Habitat’s mandate under the Governing Council Resolution 21/2 of 2007. 

Through this HCPD, the Government of Kenya and UN-Habitat will be able to accelerate the urgent urbanization and human settlements development agenda in Kenya through four Key focus areas i.e 

  1. Improved land management and sustainably planned human settlements; 

  2. Improved access to housing, quality urban basic services and infrastructure as well as upgraded slums and informal settlements; 

  3. Promotion of innovative mechanisms in urban economy and financing; 

  4. Climate Change, Resilience and Disaster Risk Management. 

With social inclusion issues as a cross cutting priority.

The Country programme further aim to enhance effective service delivery and sustainable development at national and County levels. Given this aspiration, UN-Habitat is will partner with the Government of Kenya, development partners and the local organizations to achieve sustainable cities and well-planned human settlements as well as the overall sustainable development goals (SDG).