Kebribeyah Settlement Profile. Somali Region, Ethiopia
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Kebribeyah Settlement Profile. Somali Region, Ethiopia

The Settlement Profile for Kebribeyah in Somali Region, Ethiopia is one of the two pilot profiles produced from the Settlement Profiling Tool, a tool prepared by UN-Habitat and funded by UNHCR that guides field personnel in the creation of cross-sectoral Settlement profiles that guide future development plans and prioritize investment opportunities.

Kebribeyah, Ethiopia is the oldest remaining refugee settlement in the Somali Regional State. Unique opportunities of the settlement include the existing integration of refugees and host community, strategic location along major infrastructure and a long history of trade linkages between the Horn of Africa and the Middle East. Ongoing challenges facing the settlement and region include protracted instability of Somalia, the rapid growth rate and urbanization of the district and the poor condition of existing dwellings and infrastructure within the refugee settlement.

Through an investigation of the physical, social-economic and policy dynamics of Kebribeyah Settlement and the surrounding region, the Settlement Profile provides recommendations including to capitalize on existing integration to facilitate social inclusion and leveraging the substantial labour market and demographic dividend. 

The Settlement Profile lists the strategic, socio-economic, environmental and spatial opportunities for the region as well as projected development scenarios which illustrate the impact of continuing ‘business as usual’ compared to the optimal scenario of spatial integration, institutional integration and socio-economic inclusion.

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