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Kampala, Uganda: Climate Change Assessment

UN-HABITAT’s Cities and Climate Change Initiative promotes enhanced climate change mitigation and adaptation in developing country cities. Kampala is a pilot city of the Initiative, and this document is an initial output of the Kampala’s Cities and Climate Change Initiative activities. This summary on climate change assessment for Kampala is based on the report titled “Assessment of Cities and Climate Change in Kampala and Uganda”, an initial output of the city’s activities under the Cities and Climate Change Initiative.

The Kampala City Assessment examines the climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation capacity of Kampala City in Uganda. The assessment examines urban development dynamics and urban vulnerabilities to climate change. Through documentary review and field interviews, institutional issues are analyzed to identify functional mechanisms, gaps and potentials, and to elicit information on how the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development as well as Kampala City Council are structured to respond to climate change.

The report concludes by summarizing the challenges the city faces in adapting to and mitigating against climate change and recommends action to enhance the adaptation capacity of the city.