Resilience in challenging times: Mobilizing collaboration for future-ready water and sanitation service providers

Reliable water and sanitation services are critical in difficult times, yet conflict, rapid population growth, climate change, ecosystem degradation, and an enduring pandemic are complicating the work of operators. During the Global WOPs Congress in Bonn, water and sanitation practitioners will get a platform to discuss how collaboration between operators can help them navigate these challenges.

The 5th Global WOPs Congress and GWOPA Assembly will be convened by the GWOPA Secretariat / UN Habitat along with the Alliance. To enable participation by engaged individuals who would not otherwise be able to attend, the GWOPA Secretariat invites applications for sponsorship*.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for sponsorship, individuals must:

  1. Justify a clear need for sponsorship.
  2. Belong to a GWOPA member organisation or be actively involved as an individual in GWOPA Communities of Practice
  3. Be currently/recently involved in a Water Operators’ Partnership (WOP)
  4. Be playing an active role at the Congress and the GWOPA Assembly
  5. Have a nationality from developing country**
  6. Have the official support of their utility/ organisation/ company to represent them at the Congress

Submission Requirements and Guidelines

Please submit your sponsorship request via the provided application form no later than March 17th, 2023.

Failure to complete the sponsorship form as required may result in your proposal not being considered.

Contact Information

To obtain additional information, please contact the GWOPA team at

*Candidates will be chosen based on their application, ability to cover partially costs and based on diversity (regional representation, gender etc.)

** Please refer to DCI approved List and UN Least developed list from pages 50 and 51 in the following link